PTC Heating film (heating film xica ptc two layer printing insulator anti-flammable)

PTC Heating film (heating film xica ptc two layer printing insulator anti-flammable)
PTC Heating film (heating film xica ptc two layer printing insulator anti-flammable)
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    Product Description

     [XiCA: Heating Film]

     XICA Sublimates the stability of heating film to golbal standards

    associated with a given temperature change. The planar heating element is heated by the current flowing through itself. If the power supplied and the amount of heat radiated are the same, it will maintain a certain temperature range regardless of the external temperature.

     When the heating element becomes overheated by the external temperature, the resistance value increases rapidly, and the current value decreases to prevent overheating of the electric device.

    XICA Application

    • Industrial Parts and materials 
    • Building, construction,floor,wall etc
    • High- temperature sauna, snow melting 
    • Portable heating elements, hand warmer


     Straight Type Silver Bus Bar Merit

     The structural merit of this type is it can prevent sparks and reduce the production cost because of the smaller surface contact area of the silver bus bar and copper strip.

     The disadvantage is that the silver bus bar has a high resistance in proportion to the printing area, so it is difficult to conduct electrical energy. Therefore, when the cold winter temperature is low, the amount of current passing through is small, so the amount of heat is also reduced.

     Uniform temperature distribution and stable resistance change rate by uniform carbon coating
    • Self developed technology to print uniform density carbon ink
    • Printing Technology by patented equipment to print uniform carbon coating
    • Development of special laminating equipment for heating film
    • World-class quality insulation, flame retardant PET film
    • Special silver busbar mold design prevents sparks on the carbon surface.
    • overheating dispersion design in the center of heating film with special printing technology
    • Use of Laminex film which has strong resistance against transformation due to heat.

     XiCA pursues the best technology and quality stabilization

     Sparks can occur in the heating film because of various factors. Most of them are caused by the air layer between the copper bus bar and base film.

     Therefore, the most important for the laminating equipment and heating film technology is to remove the air layer during the manufacture of the heating film.

     [XiCA application]

     The XiCA heating film series can be applied:

    • Industrial parts and materials
    • Office, building, wall, floor... 
    • High-temperature sauna, and snow melting
    • Portable heating element
    Other application : Hotel, Motel, Condo, Institute and School dormitory. Office, Building. Restaurant. Pensione, Bungalow, Nature Rest Building. Kindergarten, Place for Kids Hospital, Oriental Hospital. Church, Temple, Training Institute Container, Steel house. Balcony of apartment, Remodeling

    [Product Specification
    • Customized manufacturing is available
    • Tinned Copper Busbar, 0.275mm Product and other product from mentioned above is possible by order.
    • XM type Heating film uses 2nd grade anti flammable electricity insulated Milky PET film approved by UL94. XT type uses transparent PET film.
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