Expansion Joints For Bridge

Expansion Joints For Bridge
Expansion Joints For Bridge
Product Description

Product Features

We are producing various type of Expansion Joint for bridges and they are installing on RC bridge, PC bridge, Steel bridge, and Standard straight bridge, Curved bridge, Skew bridge, and for Carriage way, Sidewalks, Median, Boundary, Protection wall, etc. as below.

1. Steel type Expansion Joint

1) M/C Steel Joint : Vulcanized type for Small span bridge, Transverse type
Model No. : M/C #35, 50, 80, 100
2) New Ultra Mocell Joint(T) : Assembly type for small span bridge, Transverse type
Model No. : NUM #35T, 50T, 80T, 100T
3) New Ultra Mocell Joint(L) : Assembly type for Expansion bridge, Longitudinal type
Model No. : NUM #30L, 50L, 80L
4) New Wave Finger Joint : Vulcanized type for Medium and Long Span bridge, Transverse type

Model No. : NWJ #50A, 80A, 120A, 160A

5) New Ultra Finger Joint : Assembly type for Medium and Long Span bridge, Transverse type

Model No. : NUF #50, 80, 100, 120, 160
6) New Wave Finger Joint : Assembly type for Long Span bridge, Transverse type

Model No. : NWJ #200CF, 250CF~1050CF
7) BWP Joint : Assembly type for Boundary, Walkway, and Protection Wall
Model No : BWP #30~100, 120~160, 200

2. Rubber type Expansion Joint

: TF Joint, Monocell Joint, NB Joint, GaiTop Joint

Product Use

1. Using for absorbing and buffering the expansion & contraction, displacement, etc. of bridges due to temperature changes, dry shrinkage, concrete creep, dead loads, live loads, wind loads, etc.
2. It is installed in the grooves between Superstructures on the bridges.

Our Company

MP Tech Corporation

"Quality First and Customer Satisfaction" are our top priorities.

MP Tech Corp. was firstly established in 1970 which has developed and produced industrial special rubber products, and with long experiences, skillfulness of know-how, and technologies, secondly established in 2000 and has gradually added products of Bridge items, Road items, Building items, River and Marine items, like Expansion Joints for bridges, Bridge Support Bearings, Balustrades on bridges, Post-tension anchorage system, Suicide prevention barrier on bridge, Noise Barrier, Solar LED Road Safety products and Solar Street light, Security CCTV system, Marine Rubber Fender, Eco-friendly PE Fiber Stone Gabion Mesh Bag, and New Renewable Energy system and Plant, etc.

And we have acquired ISO9001, KS Certificate, Certificate of Reliability, CE Certificate, Various technologies of 125 patents, etc., and have been approved as a company-affiliated technology research institute, G-Pass Certified company, certificates of origin certified exporter, UN procurement registrar, and US SAM registrar and Construction licenses, etc.

With long experience and accumulated technical know-how, we will improve technology more higher in bridge structures, building structures, roads, and river and ocean civil engineering, etc.

We will do our best to develop new technologies and methods as well as develop effective products.


The price differs depending on the size or model, so please inquire for more detailed prices.

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